California beverage brat unleashed, Tatiana Peavey, also known as “Goats Udder” to the online community, is a true advocate for the California palate. Born and raised a Mendocino native she has been scouring the trail for the finer things in life since she could hold a fork. Originally on the road to fame as an opera singer, Tatiana was taken quite suddenly by the beauty and art in a well poured pint.

Founder of the project a website dedicated to the education of craft beer lovers new and seasoned, Tatiana doesn’t waste a minute jumping in on the most discussed trends and industry news.  Tatiana is eager to learn and excited to share all her experiences and through she hopes to convert the liquor and spirit markets to craft beer lovers. Tatiana is a creative force, obsessed with her kitchen, liquor cabinet, bacon and anything served on a stick.