Luke Wederbrook

Los Angeles, CA

Luke has worked in the bar industry for over 10 years.  Working behind the bar as a barback, bartender, bar manager and a consultant. Having worked for the famous 213 group he was introduced to the art of mixology at a young age.  Learning and studying behind reputable people such as John Colthrop and Steve Livigni.  Luke was introduced to craft beer courtesy of David Watrous while creating the cocktail menu for Steingarten. Together they were some of the first in LA creating beer cocktails.  Today you can enjoy a cocktail crafted by Luke at two westside venues. Areal which is located in Santa Monica.  The other westside location Plan Check is slated to open early 2012.  Luke specializes in creating cocktails on the fly based on guests spirit and produce choices.

Nicole Barker

Nicole Barker

Reno, NV

Nicole Barker’s passion for spirits, wine & beer knows no bounds. Having been a member of the service industry for over 12 years, Nicole is well versed in guest service. She considers herself to be aficionado of creating the ultimate experience for those who visit her bar. She is proud to be a female making a career within the industry.

She specializes in Hand Crafted Cocktails that reflect upon the classics with modern inclusion of unique ingredients and combinations. Nicole loves the wine world and is actively developing her palate. She also enjoys a good long beer tasting with many minds involved dissecting flavor profiles and subtleties. Nicole is captivated by the never ending knowledge found at the bottom of a glass.

Nicole currently works for the Eldorado Hotel Casino in the Cin Cin Lounge. She is actively developing an Artisan Cocktail Program that features high quality spirits, fresh ingredients, homemade syrups and barrel aged cocktails. Nicole works as a consultant helping other bars develop their menus, programs and staff. She is also the President of the newly formed USBG Reno Chapter.

At home, Nicole spends her time chasing two children and adoring her husband, Doug. She has a love of art, marking jewelry, reading, dining and watching the occasional SVU Marathon.

You can find Nicole on FaceBook and ShakeStir or check out her Blog.

Liam Deegan

Liam Deegan

New Orleans, Louisiana
Liam Deegan is a bartender raised in Providence, living in New Orleans.  He is the author behind the saturated musings of, a blog that focuses on beer but with a wider study of booze’s place in the past, present, and future. Liam is a Certified Cicerone and works in one of the greatest neighborhoods in the world, the French Quarter.  Usually not far from either side of the bar, you can usually find him behind it at Sylvain, mixing cocktails, trying to put an egg white in everything,  urging you to have a Tripel Karmeliet with your cheese plate, and occasionally drinking a Schlitz.

Tatiana (Goats Udder) Peavey

California beverage brat unleashed, Tatiana Peavey, also known as “Goats Udder” to the online community, is a true advocate for the California palate. Born and raised a Mendocino native she has been scouring the trail for the finer things in life since she could hold a fork. Originally on the road to fame as an opera singer, Tatiana was taken quite suddenly by the beauty and art in a well poured pint.

Founder of the project a website dedicated to the education of craft beer lovers new and seasoned, Tatiana doesn’t waste a minute jumping in on the most discussed trends and industry news.  Tatiana is eager to learn and excited to share all her experiences and through she hopes to convert the liquor and spirit markets to craft beer lovers. Tatiana is a creative force, obsessed with her kitchen, liquor cabinet, bacon and anything served on a stick.

Dave McCabe

Dave McCabe

Annapolis, MD

David McCabe has lived and breathed restaurants since he was 14 years old.  Starting as a dishwasher and working through the ranks of the kitchen for many years, until one fateful day when he decided to step into the front of house.  It stuck, and Dave moved from server to bartender to manager to founder.  Having worked throughout the Northeast, in Washington, DC, and now in Annapolis, MD, sweating on the fry station, making cocktails, curating beer lists and listening to customers complain (and be happy), he has a unique perspective on all aspects of the restaurant and beverage industry.

Dave is currently running the beverage program at the concept that he helped establish, Punk’s Backyard Grill, and is the driving force behind where he rants, explores cocktail recipes and spreads the good beer gospel.

Ashley V Routson

Ashley V Routson


Known to most as The Beer Wench, Ashley is a self-proclaimed craft beer evangelist and social media puppeteer on a mission to advance the craft beer industry through education, inspiration and advocacy.

Originally from New York, Ashley attended college at The Ohio State University, where she graduated cum laude with B.A. degrees in Psychology and Criminology as well as varsity letters in both NCAA Div I Swimming and Rowing.

By day, Ashley can be found rocking out as “Director of Awesomeness” at Bison Brewing in Berkeley, CA  — where her responsibilities include everything from brewing to marketing, sales, PR, and being an all around ninja.

By night, Ashley can be found conjuring up new beer cocktail recipes for Beer Mixology, as well as maintaining one of the most influential alcohol blogs in the country, Drink With The

Ashley’s love of liquid doesn’t stop at beer, she is also a wine geek boasting Certified Specialist of Wine credentials, and considers herself to be an artisan spirits snob and aspiring professional mixologist.

Follow Ashley on Twitter @TheBeerWench

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Sedang santai? Tidak tahu harus melakukan apa? Baik weekends atau bukan, waktu santai memang waktu yang berharga dan harus digunakan secara maksimal. Anda bisa menonton film pilihan yang sangat pas ditonton saat sedang santai. Ada banyak koleksi film yang bisa ditonton di waktu santai secara online juga. Nonton film online bisa menjadi pilihan tepat saat Anda sedang santai dengan cara menonton film favorit atau film yang ringan yang tidak akan membuat kepala cenat-cenut.


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Sebenarnya, tergantung dari jenis film apa yang Anda sukai. Ini karena setiap orang berbeda-beda. Ada genre war, history, documentary, drama, romance, action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, biography dan lainnya yang bisa dipilih. Namun, jika Anda ingin nonton film online yang ringan dan pas untuk waktu santai, pilihannya bisa drama, adventure, fantasy termasuk sci-fi dan juga komedi. Film dengan genre tersebut ringan untuk ditonton.


Artinya, Anda tidak perlu terlalu fokus untuk mengikuti alur ceritanya dan bisa paham serta menikmati film tersebut. Berbeda dengan film genre lainnya terlebih documentary, history dan war yang memang membutuhkan fokus karena filmnya diangkat dari kejadian yang nyata. Jadi, Anda bisa nonton film online dengan salah satu genre yang telah disebutkan di atas karena ringan. Waktu santai juga tidak akan terbuang percuma karena Anda akan merasa terhibur setelah menonton film dengan genre tersebut.

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What went wrong

Apalagi di dalam film 3D animasi biasanya filmnya memang ringan, seru, menghibur dan sangat pas untuk ditonton karena ide ceritanya juga biasanya sederhana. Bahkan, tidak jarang Anda akan tersenyum atau tertawa saat sedang nonton film online 3D animasi seperti film Toy Story, Cars, Plane dan lain sebagainya. Film-film tersebut bukan hanya untuk anak-anak melainkan juga untuk dewasa.

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