There have been a few scary mornings in my day. You know, those mornings where you open your eyes and you feel not just dead but slightly decomposed. You lift open your eyelids only to be bombarded by the weight of the world which is simultaneously spinning around you. I experienced one much like that last November in Denver at the first ever Beer Bloggers Conference and it appeared as though I wasn’t the only one.

The wonderful folks at Breckenridge Brewing Co had brought us all Agave Wheat “Beermosas” for breakfast. There’s nothing like a little hair of the dog to help survive the morning after. Since then I have had time to experiment with several different kinds of beermosas that have been greatly enjoyed at baby showers, brunches and birthdays this past year.

Agave Wheat Basic Beermosa

1 part Wheat Beer

1 part Orange Juice

Belgian Beermosa

1 part Belgian White or Golden

1 part Orange Juice

Grand Marnier Floater

Berliner-Weiss Berry Nice Beermosa

1 part Berliner-Weiss

1 Part Orange Juice

Chambord Floater