The Iron Mule

In honor of both Iron Maiden releasing their own beer this week and it’s name sake being my favorite dive bar in Orange County I present to you my version of the M

oscow Mule. With history steeped in the British colonial presence in India, Crabbies Scottish Ginger Beer has been brewed since the early 1800′s and enjoyed world wide! They suggest drinking this ale over ice, but I took it to the next level with a little bit of vodka and some fresh ingredients.

Simple and refreshing, this cocktail can be premade in a pitcher and enjoyed during the warm days to come!

Simply fill your copper cup half way with ice

Grate a little ginger for aromatics

2 parts of your favorite Vodka

Half a lime’s worth of juice per 2oz of vodka

3 parts Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Stir to blend

Garnish with lime or mint.

An excellent drink after a hot afternoon of cricket.

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