Breath of God

Brand new cocktail then, totally off the cuff, a bit of a collaboration really, myself and another member of staff dreamt it up but credit to Justin Rockitt refining the whole thing and making it work. We wanted to use a tripel as a foil/flipside to our really popular Brooklyn Baltic cocktail so we settled on that uber dry, crackingly bitter Westmalle Tripel. After much experimentaion we then went for a beefy navy rum, Pussers. It would work well with any navy rum really but make sure it has that savoury edge as that is the balance to the dryness of the beer.

Round it off with a dash of cassis – this gives some nice sweetness, a touch of smoke and a suggestion of liquourice, seriously! Perception is a funny thing – blackcurrant has very similar traits to all of these flavours and I’ve met people who actually perceive smoke as blackcurrant too. Orange works well with this cocktail and we rub the edge of the glass and the stem with orange oil from fresh peel.

Last touch is a good dash of orange bitters, just to pull that beer back in to focus.

We’ve tried this with a pepper rim – initially I thought it didn’t work but then having just drunk one – I’m feeling – perhaps so. I’d love to know what you think!

Glass – Martini

1/3 bottle westmalle tripel
1 shot pussers navy rum
Bar spoon of cassis
dash of orange bitters

Flame with orange zest

optional pepper rim