Very Berry Shortcake

Spring is launching into full on summer mode pretty soon and looking for fun and fresh cocktail ideas for your brunches and lunches becomes a priority. Last week I was playing around with lambics and got the idea of trying to make a milkshake flavored cocktail. So, I did a little experimentation and came up with this recipe featuring cake vodka and instead of tasting like a milkshake I thought it was more in the realm of a shortcake. My serendipitous recipe is as follow:

You will need:

Coconut milk

Cake flavored vodka

Framboise Lambic (or another berry lambic)

Fresh berries for garnish

First you will take 3 equal parts of coconut milk, cake vodka and your lambic of choice. Shake the milk and cake vodka furiously in the shaker and pour over ice and top of with the remaining third of lambic and stir just to combine. Slice a berry and run it around the rim of your glass and use it as garnish. For variation top if off with a little whipped cream and enjoy!