Brooklyn Baltic

And for my first trick….

This is very simple but VERY effective. The idea came from a visit to one of the UK’s leading craft breweries where they were creating a salted stout! Sounds silly eh?

Well no – it sounds delicious! Imperial stout is full of deep chocolatey flavours, and chocolate on its own is a savoury flavour, it gets the rep of being a dessert by tasting amazing with sugar, cream and the like. No cream in this imperial stout cocktail though (I’ve found it very difficult to achieve a good result) but there is usually bit of residual sugar in the brew plus coffee and chocolate flavours. Adding a salty edge, especially when it crackles on your lips, is a real real winner. Minerally fresh, biting salt cuts right through the sweetness and makes this combination greater than the sum of its parts.

The aforementioned beer is still unreleased and so I felt it was a good oppotunity to have my say in the matter. Coffee and hazelnut are going to be no brainers with Black Chocolate stout, simply amplifying the sweetness and delicious flavours already bouncing around in the beer. You up the booziness of course and smooth off the edges.  The twist is a simple maldon salt rim (make it neat or I’ll punch you over the internet). The smack of crunchy saltiness and suddenly we’ve gone from something quite innocent to sailing the stormy, force 10 gale in the briny Baltic and you’re sneaking a little from the barrel of the  Tzarina’s favourite beverage for courage and sustenance. Simple, fortifying and potent that’s what we’re looking for here.

Brooklyn Baltic


  • 1oz Kahlua
  • 1oz Frangelico
  • 4oz Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (or any not too hoppy imperial for that matter)
  • Maldon Sea Salt (fine)

Method: Pour the lot and then stir over ice 20 seconds or so – try and lose  most of the fizz but be quick so as not to dilute too much! Pour in to martini glass prepared with a nice neat salt rim.