Chasing the Green Fairy to Amsterdam

This is the cocktail that I submitted for the Bols Cocktail Competition, so cross your fingers for me.

I love these beer syrups, the honey is amazing with Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René. The sour and sweet blends harmoniously and opens the floral components of the beer nicely. The cocktail is delicately sweet and surprisingly refreshing. Plus, blood orange makes for a stunning color.

Red Light District


  • St. George Absinthe (luge)
  • 1.5 Bols Genever
  • .75 Bols Sloe Gin
  • .75 Blood Orange juice
  • Lindemans Gueuze Cuvee Rene
  • .75 beer honey syrup (recipe below)
  • Angostura bitters
  • Blood orange slice


1. Absinthe Luge: Fill glass with ice and about a quarter ounce of absinthe, swirl it around and dump it out. Essentially, you are  washing the glass with absinthe and ice.
2. Put genever, bols sloe gin, blood orange juice, and beer syrup to a shaker with ice. Shake and double strain into absinthe-luged glass.
3. Add 1 oz Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René to shaker, dry shake, and add to glass, creating a nice foam on top.
4. Add a few dashes of Angostura Bitters and garnish with a blood orange slice.

Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René & Local Honey Syrup (1:1 Ratio)
Warm Honey on a stove top at a medium temperature until liquid. Increase to high heat. Slowly pour in Beer and stir constantly for approximately 20 minutes reducing beer into the honey. Remove from heat and let cool.