Spiced Holiday Brew Hattan

As a small child I watched my Great Grandparents sip highballs during the holidays, and it sure seemed to make them happy. Not too much, just enough to add a rosy glow and some holiday cheer. This cocktail is inspired by just that!

The Spiced Holiday Brew Hattan

1oz Leopold Bros Maryland Style Rye Whiskey
.25oz Leopold Bros Manhattan Apple Whiskey
.25oz Leopold Bros 3 Pins Alpine Herbal Liqueur
Bar Spoon Combier
2 Dashes Bitter Truth Mole Bitters
Approx. 6oz Anchor Our Special Ale – 2011 used here.

Combine all liquor in a cocktail shaker. Stir to chill and mix.

Pack a big ol’ Highball Glass or Goblet with fresh ice. Strain liquor, top with beer. Sprinkle fresh ground nutmeg on top of the lacing. Sip and smile.

Try and search out Leopold Brothers products if at all possible, they are outstanding. If not, a traditional Rye Whiskey will work, you may want to add just a touch of sweetener – agave nectar or honey. A good quality Apple cordial could be substituted for the Apple Whiskey, and a great herbal liquor like Benedictine would be a decent substitute for the 3 Pins, but; some kind of added cinnamon would be necessary. Try stirring the completed drink with a cinnamon stick before adding the nutmeg.